Bayside Professional Investigations (BPI) is a locally owned business.  It’s owner, Mr. Larry Walsh, has over 25 years experience in all aspects and types of investigation.  He began his career in 1970 as a deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  In that capacity, he worked as a patrol officer, training officer, and was subsequently promoted to Headquarters’ Detective Division, Narcotics Bureau.  After spending 9 years as a deputy sheriff, he moved to the Pacific Northwest and eventually accepted a position as an enforcement officer for the Washington State Lottery.  As an enforcement officer, Mr. Walsh’s duties consisted of external fraud investigation, internal employee misconduct/theft investigations, background investigations for prospective licensed sales agents, and regulatory enforcement.  Additional duties included physical security evaluations of licensed sales agents’ locations.  In 1985, Mr. Walsh was hired by the United States Marshals Service as a Deputy U.S. Marshal.  As a Deputy Marshal, he improved upon his investigative abilities while conducting hundreds of federal fugitive/parole violator  investigations.   Mr. Walsh worked as a Deputy Marshal until 1995 and then subsequently started BPI in 1997.

BPI has the knowledge and capabilities to conduct any investigation required, from extensive fieldwork to on-line informational searches.  BPI guarantees that its work will be conducted in a timely and professional manner and provides formal written reports if requested.

Additionally, Mr. Walsh is a member of “Intellenet” a world wide orginization of former military and federal investigators.  Intellenet has over 400 members with representatives in every state and most foreign countries.  Consequently, if you need an investigation in Florida or Pakistan we can get it accomplisshed.

BPI’s clients expect and demand competent and thorough investigations.  Mr. Walsh’s extensive knowledge and background enables BPI to meet and surpass those expectations.   His ability to design a plan that best serves your needs allows him to accomplish the desired results.

BPI looks forward to serving you.