“this is a professional organization that responds efficiently and effectively to requests for service. They accepted a difficult assignment -executed it timely and got excellent results. I would highly recommend them.”  James T. Biesty, Esq.  Los Angeles  January 2016

“I have worked with Larry for many years and have found his investigations to be the best.  He has been a valuable help to my personal injury practice.”  F. Mike Misner  Attorney – Gig Harbor Dec 2015

“based on my 15 years experience in having hired many private investigators, I would recommend none more highly than Larry Walsh” – James Freely – Attorney, Freeley & San Nicolas

“Walsh conducted such thorough field investigations that they went far beyond the level of customary investigations. His follow-up on cases with limited workable information resulted in continual apprehension of suspects and recovery of stolen property” – Robert Feliciano –  Sergeant Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

” Walsh is consistently one of the finest fugitive hunters in the United States Marshals Service. He is regularly the subject of commendation for his energy and productivity” –  Charles Cole – Supervisor, United States Marshal Service

” I am especially grateful for the way you spotted potential forensic issues and found highly regarded experts to assist us in preparing for trial” –  Frederick Leatherman Jr.,  Attorney

” these investigations save my company thousands of dollars and were handled both discreetly and professionally” –  Bill Burney,  loss prevention manager,  The Home Depot

” Mr. Walsh is qualified in his background in law enforcement has enabled him to perform each of the services I require in a manner which has exceeded my expectations” –  David Bastian, Attorney

” Mr. Walsh has assisted me with internal theft cases, which included both surveillance and undercover representation. I was most impressed with his diligence” – Bill Burney, Loss  prevention manager, The Home Depot

” Mr. Walsh has proven to be timely, reliable, exceptionally thorough and extremely professional in his service to myself and my clients” – David Bastian, Attorney

” not only do I appreciate your thoroughness, I also want to thank you for the way you threw yourself into the investigation as we were approaching trial” – Sandra Bobrick, Attorney, Sloan Bobrick, P.S.

” as lead counsel in the case, I could not have asked for more and I will be happy to recommend your work to others” –  Frederick Leatherman, Attorney